Thursday, August 16, 2007

A New Year

Pretty soon, Jews around the world will be celebrating our New Year. For this Rosh Hashana, I have offered to host. It will be a lot of people -- about 10 or 11 people. But, my mom will be on hand to help to make her classic dishes.

I have been wholly inspired by my new Israeli cuisine book, so I think I may make some dishes from there. Here is a tentative menu for what I'll be making...

  • Israeli salad
  • Roasted eggplant with feta
  • Stuffed vegetables with ptitim in a tomato sauce
  • Green Rice or Red Rice
  • Challah (round) -- King Arthur
  • Nigella's Honey Cake (from Feast)

I can't wait!!! Shana tova!


Anna's kitchen table said...

Your menu sounds fantastic Ilana, I love that Nigella has a recipe included too!

This may be a silly question, but is your Israeli cookbook authentic, traditional recipes? You are inspiring me to maybe see if I can get it on amazon....


Anonymous said...

Ilana that menu sounds delicious. Such a fabulous combination of flavours and ideas.

I agree the Israeli cookbook has some wonderful recipes in and it looks like it will be a wonderful read. I only recieved my copy this morning, courtesy of the fabulous Francesca.

George (KG) x

Lady M said...

Anna, the recipes seem very authentic, and some are traditional as well. Others are modern takes on Israeli cuisine.. But the point of the book is that Israeli cuisine is influenced by so many cultures because the country is full of immigrants; Israel being such a young country.

I am not sure you can get it outside Israel unfortunately... That's disappointing to me b/c I think someone like you would really enjoy and appreciate it. I'll do my best to type out the recipes of successful dishes I have made.

George, have fun with the book. The stories are really wonderful; I'm so happy you're getting to see this side of my home country.


Kelly-Jane said...

Happy New Year Ilana, hope you have a great time and a great year!

Remember and take pictures for us :)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ilana!!!

George xx