Thursday, August 16, 2007

One side's 'White with Soul', the other's 'Feel Good'

Moving is becoming a chore... needless to say. But I wanted to focus on the positive on my new place... which is, of course, the kitchen! I love my new kitchen! Apart from it being impressive in terms of counter space and cabinet capacity, I am so happy I am finally able to put my touches with putting in my Nigella 'Living Kitchen' pieces here and there.

I didn't even plan it this way, but the way I have organized my items, one counter in my kitchen is 'white with soul' cream and the other's 'feel good' blue. I am a classic Nigella fan. I am calling myself that now instead of an oldie because even though I have been around for a while, it really has only been three or so years... Just when the website was really taking shape. So, of course, my Living Kitchen collection started with the classic colors. I do love the new products coming out, but part of me will always be vintage.

I'm sorry to not include a picture yet of my kitchen. We are not fully moved in yet. (That's a nice way of saying we're up shit's creek with timing and boxes, oh my!) But, I hope to bring my camera around one of these days and show exactly what I mean.

For those that don't own Nigella's collection, do please have a browse on the right (Living Kitchen catalogue 1 and 2) as it is so beautiful, so timeless, so elegant. I can never say enough about how much I love my very small (in comparison) collection.

Have a Feel Good day!

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