Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Kitchen pics

This is the view when you walk into the kitchen. Where I'm standing to take the pic is where the dining table will be. (Notice my flamenco apron on the fridge!)

This is taken on the other side of the kitchen by the window. The counter has LK blue items in place already.. and my LK magnets on fridge.

This is looking left while standing by the window. Some of my 'cream' collection. Nigella's autographed pic is all the way at the end in a frame. I'm not sure if I'll keep it there or hang it up. We'll see.


Sarah Nicole said...

Ilana do you have a pet? I ask because I noticed the green bowls on the floor. The kitchen looks adorable by the way.

Anonymous said...

Im also wondering ... do you have a cat or a dog that we didn't know about?

And may I add... I am SO jealous of your lovely new kitchen and all that gorgeous counter space! It does make the LK accessories look SO nice! Congratuations!

Chef (Mary) Lamb

Ms O said...

You have a critter?

That is the prettiest kitchen!

Lea x

Anonymous said...

It looks nice Ilana!

Maria xx

Lady M said...

Thanks, Sarah. I don't have a pet.. well not totally mine anyway. It's for my parent's adorable Max. I bought these at Ikea (29 cents each) as a way for them to visit and stay longer. Now they can't use the excuse, we need to go home to feed Max! LOL. Now they can bring him over! LOL.

Mary, but I have sooo much more to fill up that space with. My other KA goodies including my mixer! I am going to try to find the medium ground between being well equipped and being, well, cluttered! Thank you.

Thank you Lea and Maria too. I quite like it myself. :))

Anonymous said...

It looks fab Ilana. I look forward to seeing more pics.

George xx

vonsachsen said...

Wow! Your kitchen is huge!! I like the stone(?) countertops and the fact that you have lots of working-surface...
Wish you lot of lust to cook away in your new kitchen :)
I love your apron :D

Kelly-Jane said...

Looks lovely sweetie, lots of space ;) LK showroom... :)


Anna's kitchen table said...

It's a lovely kitchen Ilana, and so airy and bright!