Sunday, November 25, 2007

Humble Pie

Pot pies rock my world. I know this site is about how I love risotto, but pot pies, oh pot pies, how you do tempt me.

What is it about them? Flaky, buttery pastry, gently tapped by a fork, falling into the creamy underworld below. Oh, dear! Pot pies bring out the animal in me. We are just ending a four-day weekend, and I am still craving the pot pies that I made on Friday!

My mom was very generous and gave me a heck of a lot of leftover turkey breast from Thanksgiving dinner. I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. Actually, come to think of it, my mom didn't actually offer me the leftovers. I seriously made a beeline for them right after I was finishing stuffing my face with dessert. I wanted leftover meat. I must make those pot pies again!

And I did! And they were awesome! I knew Nigella had a recipe for turkey pot pies in Feast, but I didn't have or want to use heavy cream. The sauce, made of milk, would come out so creamy already. So, I used the recipe for the chicken pot pies, also in Feast, but in the kiddie chapter. I used corn instead of peas, because I was honestly all pea-ed out.

I made two little pies in my ramekins, and two bigger pies as well. I had one of the little pies, and I gave the bigger ones to Rafa and my sister and BIL. Liam had some of the other little pie. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Which means that I rock! :) They don't call it humble pie for nothin'!

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