Saturday, September 08, 2007


Today was a beautiful day. Perfect summer day. But, it's not really summer here anymore. Our 'unofficial' end to summer was last weekend; Labor Day. I went to the beach on Labor Day hoping to experience one last real summer day. It sucked! It was really windy and not beach-warm, and our umbrella kept flying away. Whoa, I saw a lawsuit coming on.

I was disappointed but I knew I had no real reason to complain especially since I experienced 5 blissful weeks in Israel -- summer headquarters.

But, today, really surprised me. I went to the beach early-ish with my sister and nephew. The weather was warm, light breeze. I even felt compelled to enter the bone-chilling cold waters of the Atlantic. Mental note: don't do that again!

For lunch today, we continued on the summer wavelength with a summery-ish dish -- Greekish Lamb Pasta from Nigella's Forever Summer. My good friend, Clarice, always raves about this, but I have never tried it before. It's basically like a spaghetti bolognese, except with lamb and then topped with feta. I've never had lamb and feta together. I was intrigued!

It was fab!

I loved the flavors that combined together! Slirpirific! My only issue with the sauce is that it is very oily. Next time I would try to find a leaner minced lamb.... or just cook it off separately from the veggies and drain the fat. Or failing that, I could eat it in the winter months when our lips will need extra moisturization. :)

The great thing about Nigella's book, though, is that it could continue to impress hungry bellies, long after summer is over!


Anonymous said...

Looks delish Ilana, as always.

George x

Kelly-Jane said...

It's so true, FS isn't contained to Summertime. I often make something from it in the Winter just to remind myself that the cold isn't forever!


Anna's kitchen table said...

Aah, yes, I remember this dish well - scrumptious!!