Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Confucius say...

"Accept no substitute, for no substitute exists."

Ok, Confucius doesn't say that... Murray's cheese shop does. About parmigiano reggiano, but of course.

This latest purchase of mine is a bit symbolic of the change in me over the last couple of weeks. So I haven't become posh... just more metropolitan, more Midtown. That is where I work now, and Murray's little cheese shop extension in Grand Central Station is just steps away from my office.

Even though I have worked in New York City for the past 5 years, I guess it never felt like New York City, because a Starbucks wasn't two steps away, I'd have to walk all the way to Broadway for some retail therapy. Now I'm surrounded by it all. I'm in Midtown. Where most people are dressed in smart suits. Where I have to have a scanned thingie to get into buildings. Where elevators have televisions in them. And where office cafeterias have vending machines. It's all odd to me. Crapco wasn't like this. One out of three elevators was always broken. I would have to fill out FedEx airbills manually. The head of our 'IT department' was/is a complete idiot that doesn't know how to do basic functions in Outlook. I feel a bit overwhelmed about how much I don't know... But that all comes in time. I'm talking business-speak now, like saying 'going forward with...' a lot. I'm wearing smart clothes and really uncomfortable shoes. Who am I? LOL. I bought parmigiano reggiano. Like the real stuff. From a place that is known for their cheese. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Ilana, it's like The Devil Wears Prada - you're becoming a clacker!! LOL


Kelly-Jane said...

Way to go Ilana! It all sounds very cosmipolitan and fun.

Have always wanted to see Murray's...


Anonymous said...

The shoes become more comfortable with wear. Enjoy your new job, if it gets on your nerves, you can always quit, but hey, you will have a nice line on your CV!

Lady M said...

Imogen, I don't make enough to wear proper clackers!! LOL. God I love the wardrobe in that movie. Now if I could only look like Anne Hathaway... or even Stanley Tucci. LOL.

Redhead, you are so right. It's only a temp job, so I know this will come to an end. It's not that bad, but feeling really small and insignificant at the moment... albeit, in very loud shoes. This too shall pass.

KJ, muah! Come to visit!