Sunday, September 09, 2007

Unknowingly Undercatered

Unable to wait until my copy of Nigella Express comes in the mail, I decided to try out the recipes featured on Times Online. I was really intrigued by the Mirin-glazed salmon because I am always looking for ways to cook fish that are more or less appetizing. Fish doesn't usually do it for me.

Nigella's salmon was the exception -- in fact, exceptional. The salmon fillets, cooked in a marinade of brown sugar, soy sauce and mirin, were sooooooo delicious! The only qualm I have though is that it did not make enough for two people. I halved the recipe, because the Times recipe said it was four servings. I don't think 125g of salmon fillet is enough for one person... so I am hoping that it is a misprint. At any rate, I will be making this again, and soon, so I'll have a chance to raise the quantities. Same amount of sauce, more salmon.

Oh, and I paired it with brown basmati rice! I am trying to eat more healthy dishes, so was excited to see this for the first time at the store today. It was so good!! Mmmmmm. Thanks, Nigella.


Anna's kitchen table said...

Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

The recipe I read specified "4 x 125g salmon" so Im guessing this means 4 pieces at 125g each. ChefLamb

Lady M said...

Hey cheffy. I read it that way too, but I don't 125g is enough salmon for each individual portion (the recipe of 4 x 125g serves 4)... or maybe I just like fish more than I thought! LOL.


Anonymous said...

Ilana -- I am making this fish tonight. I have about 3/4 lb piece of salmon, so I will let you know how it turns out. It sounds delish ....Cheffy