Tuesday, August 28, 2007

RIP, Antonio.

A bit out of the norm, but I felt compelled to post about this. As many of you know, Rafa is a huge Sevilla Football Club fan. Perhaps the biggest. Today, the football club lost one of its young and promising members, Antonio Puerta. He collapsed at a game on Saturday from a heart attack and was never able to recover. He was only 22.

I often joke with Rafa how I couldn't care less about football, because he does talk endlessly about his team. But the truth is I do care. He loves them. I love him, so therefore I love them too. They are a big part of us. I am very sad at the loss of this young star. I just wanted to say that.


Sarah Nicole said...

Bendito! Que Dios bendiga al joven.


OK ok, you may not know Spanish but the guy was Spanish so I couldn't help it. Gosh I can't keep the fact that he was only 22 out of my mind.

Rafa Acal said...

Thank you baby. That was really sweet! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Helge told me about this, and I thought of Rafa at once.
I couldn't believe it when I heard he was only 22, but apparently it happens. Rest in Peace.

Maria xx

Anna's kitchen table said...

That's so, so sad! (and about the same age as my son....)
Makes you think what his poor family are going through.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad, Guy is still talking about it and it worries him - immortality is important to him at them moment, well you know how 7 year olds are!

I wonder if professional sportsmen(women) just push themselves too much.

Love from Francesca xx

Mara said...

Another pointless death. What freaks me is that there are more and more each year. My heart is breaking for the family.
Hungary had its own young tragic footballer dying the same way a couple of years ago. I just hate the levels professional football has achieved: too much pressure, too hard work imho!

Kelly-Jane said...

That's very sad, such a young death.


Anonymous said...

That is such sad news especially at such a young age.

George xx

Paola Westbeek said...

What shocking news. Such a young man with so much going for him.