Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Place, Old Friend

This blog has evolved to become a lot more than just talking about risotto, but I have never forgotten how important risotto is to my life. I mean, seriously, it is one of the only things out there that can't ever fail to satisfy, to comfort, to make you feel like you accomplished something great, even when you haven't. How many other things, or people, can do the same thing?

Yesterday, I wanted to create my risotto in my new kitchen. Since Rafa had wanted sausages for lunch, I wanted to pair them with a robust risotto, so I chose mushroom.

The base was sauteed garlic and onions, with finely chopped button mushrooms. I added the rice and then some vermouth. The carnaroli rice cooked in porcini stock until al dente. Delicious!

I love that I could cook any type of risotto from just the thoughts in my head. It could be anything you want it to be. Which is why risotto is king. Which is why I ♥ risotto.

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Kelly-Jane said...

Risotto is indeed a very good thing =)

You've posted heaps! You and hubby look like a very happy couple =) and well done to your sister for doing well losing weight, if yiou like food it isn't easy!