Saturday, August 25, 2007

Attention LK Shoppers

I was browsing the Internet today looking to see if some of my LK items are dishwasher safe. I happened upon some good deals for Nigella's kitchenware collection.

These are specifically for US websites, but I think these items are probably reduced due to low sales, so it is worth it to check your own local sites if you're interested in these items.

Giving Gallery
Living Kitchen pie dish -- selected colors and sizes from $11.99
Living Kitchen oven dish oblong -- selected colors and sizes from $26.39
Living Kitchen graphic coasters (set of 4) -- selected colors $3.77

Living Kitchen extra large serving platter (blue) -- $20.00
Living Kitchen graphic magnets (set of 6) -- $7.77

*Remember to type in code SUMMER5 to get 5% off your total order

Bliss US

Living Kitchen graphic rectangular tray -- $7.00
Living Kitchen graphic round tray -- $6.00
Living Kitchen graphic tablecloth -- $20.00

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