Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quality Time Matters

What I am doing on my summer vacation...

I swim a lot...

And I'm catching up on my reading...

Before I came to Israel I saw Liam, my nephew, once a week if that. Family is very important to me, so even that didn't seem enough.
Now, we are essentially living together. I change his poopy diapers (well I have done, twice!), I read him about The Hulk... about a thousand times, but he doesn't seem to care. Back in New York, he called me Nanana. Now I've been upgraded to Iyana, with hugs and pinches at will, and all are received with glee.
He is my best friend here. I see Israel through his eyes, and it has never looked more beautiful.


Mara said...

What lovely pictures, you must be having a great time. And what a lovely "burden" to carry all day ;)

Paola Westbeek said...


What a lovely post. Those pictures are so warm and full of love...like you for little Liam.

Make the best of your stay!

Ms O said...

Liam loves his Auntie, that's for sure.

Darling photos, Ilana.


Anna's kitchen table said...

Aaah, what a sweet post!
The love just shines out