Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Flowers (and Herbs) of Israel

Along the stretch of Netanya coast is a promenade, called in Hebrew a 'tayelet'. It is incredibly well kept with flowers of every color imaginable. We walk along this stretch almost daily, about 15 minutes, to get to the 'good beach.' In the evenings, we love looking at the sun setting in the horizon. I could never get tired of looking at it.

I particulary love the yellow flowers. I am not a gardening person at all so don't expect me to know the name of them.. I just think of them as the 'pretty flowers.'

And probably one of the coolest things to happen to me here is that I discovered most of the tayelet is covered in rosemary bushes... It being my favorite herb OF ALL TIME, I was happy beyond belief.

They are even growing purple buds on them, like the flowers Tessa Kiros decorates her honey cake with. I am not sure if I'll have the opportunity to bake, as our kitchen here is not equipped in the slightest in that respect. But it's nice to dream of the idea of making it.

And speaking of herbs, my favorite cold drink now is lemonade with mint. I've never noticed before but Israel is packed full of juice bars. Everything is fresh fresh fresh. If you've never tried lemonade with mint before, please do. I plan on making this when I come home. For one, two squeezed lemons in a blender, 8 tsps sugar (I would guess), top up with water, ice, and coarsely chopped mint. Blend for a few seconds. Voila. Limonana.

I got one recently on a Friday morning excursion. Friday mornings are a big deal here because shops close early for the Sabbath. Challahs are fresh and it is worthwhile picking one up, even if you're not a bread person. Shame on you if you're not! I got a small one to go with my drink. Mmmmmm.

I've got lots of blogging to catch up with. Watch this space for tales of Tel Aviv and meeting up with close friends.


Kelly-Jane said...

It's lovely to see a different view of Israel :)

Rafa Acal said...

Is that a mojito?

KitchenGoddess said...

Wow Ilana looks like you're having a wonderful time in Israel. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and I look forward to reading more about it.