Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jules and the Chocolate Factory

A couple of weeks ago (yes, I'm aware how behind I am!), my friend Jules came by my little neck of the woods here for lunch.

We drove to the new industrial zone in Netanya where there have cropped up lots of stores and restaurants and cafes. We decided to eat at the Max Brenner restaurant. You may remember that this chocolate conglomeration also recently opened up in New York. There, it is an over the top operation. Everything chocolate. I'm not even positive they serve things without chocolate. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE CHOCOLATE. But, there are times when you just want, well, lunch.

The Israeli Max Brenner was a lot more chill. A really lovely restaurant. The lunch menu looked and tasted delicious... and it was so inexpensive. A first course of salad and a second course of a sandwich or something warm, plus a drink, was only 40NIS, which is roughly about $10. I don't think I could that cheaply in New York's Max Brenner, not to mention in other New York restaurants.

The mood was mellow and wonderful meeting Jules. She indulged me in my nosey beakness and answered all my deeply personal questions. We hope to meet again before I fly back. That would be awesome; I wish I could drop in for a visit at any time, but, alas, again I live a world away from everybody!
** I picked up that 'Drink Me' cup at the gift shop. Couldn't resist.

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Anonymous said...

I really must try out this place, and anyway I need new mugs! Maybe I can get Jules to take me too (hint hint Jules).

Francesca x