Sunday, July 29, 2007

The new Goth me?

I think being around Francesca and her daughter, Gabby, has had a profound influence in how I buy bags. For those that don't know, Francesca and Gabby are goth. I have no idea what that means except that they both wear black and apparently listen to angry music. {Francesca also likes Bob Dylan, and since we are friends, I am willing to overlook that.}

Anyway, I am a bag whore. Unapologetically. I see bags. I buy them. On my second trip to Tel Aviv, I picked up this doozie of an overnight bag. Not like I plan on going overnight to places, but I like the idea that if I were to go overnight somewhere I have a bag to do it with.

I quickly discovered that Francesca has the same exact bag! LOL. Fabulous. I am Goth. Lisa and Troy have mentioned there is a 'Talk Like a Pirate' day. I am not sure when it is but I can't wait! Arrrrr!

And speaking of bags, I came across a website that sells the cutest bags/totes and wallets. Here is my favorite.

Haha. Now, if I'm a bag whore, then I am definitely a wallet serial monogamist. I have wallets for a long time before I realize they are not what I need in my life at that moment; I break up with them and find a new wallet... until I get tired of them and something else looks more tempting. I am willing to suffer for as long as necessary with a wallet until I find that perfect replacement. And never am I without a wallet. Never.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is one funky bag!!!

I don't think it's goth, it's tres chic!

Francesca x

Paola Westbeek said...

ilana! i hear ya! i can't resist a handbag...even if i know i'll never use it. yours is quite funky but it looks more punk than goth. i went through a punk phase last spring. suddenly lots of skulls, tiger prints and bright colors began appearing in my closet. i'm back to boring ol'me though. ;)