Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

{photo courtesy of ac. micro.org}

It's hot in New York City. N.Y.C H.O.T
To reiterate, it's HOOOOOOOT!

New York City hot is different than any other kind of hot. It's the type that makes your tank tops stick to your flesh and and that makes you thankful that the air conditioner was invented. Unfortunately, we don't own an A/C. The other day I decided to take the bus to the air conditioned mall. I ended up walking out with a pair of jeans and a shirt I didn't need.

Thank god now I actually have projects. We are moving! Yay! Back to my old 'hood. Ain't no place like home, Toto. I am currently on the quest for curtains. I am all about curtains ever since spending many obsessive hours on Ebay a few months ago looking for curtains that don't exist. Thankfully now our new place will have normal sized windows. I'm thinking sheer. I'm thinking sage. Century 21 has air conditioning. All is OK in this world.

** And our new kitchen will have a dishwasher. Yah- hoooooooooooooo!


Unknown said...

Oh my god, I remember the NYC heat- unbearable! Hope you're keeping cool any old way, even if it involves plonking your ice cream maker gel disc on your head (a tried & tested method, I might add), LOL.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, first time I've been here and had a lovely hour browsing thru. It was lovely seeing all the places in Israel I know again, it really is a fantastic place. And my, hasn't Liam got big, they grow so fast.

Will be back soon.

Kelly-Jane said...

Good luck with your new project, hope it'll be lovley :)