Monday, August 06, 2007

The Deep Freeze

In the midst of packing and cleaning, I found time today to cook us a lunch out of the deep freeze. Firstly, I must say that 'deep freeze' is not exactly an American expression... and it's only one that I use in the culinary sense as most of my foodie friends are not American. LOL. We, Americans, just call it a freezer. But I think 'deep freeze' is more appropriate in this sense, because most items do get put in the freezer, deep in, so that we almost forget they are there.

Today's lunch involved Nigella's Lemon Roast Chicken and oven fries.

I bought the roast chicken ages ago, but never got around to roasting it until today because it just being the two of us, the occasion doesn't usually call for a whole chicken. Nigella's version is so simple. All you do is stick half a lemon up the chicken's bum (or is it neck? Should have paid attention in zooarchaeology class!), sprinkle some sea salt in there too, and then put a good amount of butter on the skin. This step should not be skipped because the skin turns out incredibly crispy. After the chicken has roasted, some lemon is squeezed over the top with a sprinkle or two of some more sea salt.

The last time we had this chicken was back on Christmas Eve, 2004. That goes to show you how often I roast a chicken! And I realize how crazy I was to roast a chicken on probably the hottest day of the year. But I needed to free up the freezer, and since this is my 2nd move in six months, sanity has flown the coop a long time ago!

Now I have to think of clever things to do with the leftover roast chicken meat!

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Rafa Acal said...

chicken butty sandwiches!!!