Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Thanks for lunchener."

I'm starting to see the good side of staying home during the day instead of going to an office job. I now have access to the gym when most people are working (although today it was inexplicably packed), I get to shop for groceries at my leisure, and I get to make lunch/dinner for me and my husband.

Since Rafa works nights, I only got to see him for about 10 minutes each night he worked. We never ate together, except for the time that he was off, and if I was tired or annoyed because of work, our dinner was usually a takeout. Now that I have time to shop and think about our meals, we are definitely eating a lot better.

After our lunch/dinner today (see, because of Rafa's sleep schedule, we eat together at around 3 in the afternoon), Rafa said, "Thanks for lunchener." Haha, lunch and dinner combined. It felt nice to hear a thank you. And it was nice to sit together and take the time to eat and talk.

Lunchener was great. I made a shrimp and fettuccini dish from a blog site I like to visit.

And I baked the biscuits I had prepared yesterday. I took a hint from a copycat recipe of the cheddar bay biscuits and brushed the top of the cooked biscuits with a mixture of melted butter, garlic powder and parsley flakes.

Looked and smelled like the real thing!

The two went really well together. The biscuits didn't taste exactly like the ones from Red Lobster, but at least they were homemade and delicious nevertheless.

So being a lady of leisure isn't so bad after all. After the gym, I got some lovely summer strawberries. They are delicious. So sweet and plump. It's like eating candy. I also got some Tunisian marinated olives... and fat free feta cheese (I'm intrigued). I'm looking forward to including these in my future meals and luncheners.


Kelly-Jane said...

Your pasta and biscuits look yummaroo :)

Shaun said...

Ilana - One of the things I really miss about living in the States is the biscuits. Sometimes they were the perfect thing with which to mop up a sauce or to have before dinner (especially cornbread biscuits in cajun restaurants!). Hopefully it won't be too long before Eric and I are both living in the States...and maybe even closer to your neck of the woods.

Gemma said...

That looks like a delicious lunch Ilana. I would love more time at home but don't see it happening anytime soon.

Gemma x