Sunday, June 03, 2007

Much Better!

I recently made a sort of arancini dish made out of some artichoke 'risotto'. The rice cake was supposed to be coated in fine cornmeal, but I only had coarse on hand. The end result was nice, but a bit too crunchy in an odd way.

I mentioned that I coated the rest of the mixture in panko crumbs instead, and then I froze the patties. Tonight, I was drinking some Pepsi, and really needed some crunchy food to go along with it. I fried the patties in some olive oil, and the result was excellent!

Now, these were crunchy, but not in an odd way. In a gorgeous way! It's difficult to say why one sort of crunchy is odd, and another is not. I only think of using coarse meal for my family's mamaliga, as that is where it belongs. For breading, you either use fine cornmeal, in this case, or some panko crumbs which rule in their crunchiness. Panko crumbs are one of the best ways of breading things, in my opinion.

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