Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

Thank you to Lisa and Mara for tagging me...

So five things you all may not know about me... Are you sure you WANT to know??!! LOL.

1. I can't leave keys on a table. They have to go on their own key tray near the front door. It's this whole superstition thing I learned from my mother.

2. I'm always worried I will get run over by a car one of these days... and I'm a jaywalking addict when in the city. Go figure.

3. I've never made custard. The idea of heating eggs on the hob just freaks me out.

4. I was #8 in my graduating class of over a thousand students. I think my brain cells have been lost since then because of smoking too much pot in college and watching endless episodes of King of Queens; the two are not related.

5. I think one of the best feelings in the world is holding the hand of a baby or toddler.

I think I'm one of the last to do these, so there seems to be nobody else to tag. Well, hoped you enjoyed it and learned something about me. :)

edit: oh crap!! Was I supposed to list 10 things b/c I was tagged by two people?! Eek. Ok, well shall think about 5 more things today. I'm really not interesting in even the slightest respect.


Kelly-Jane said...

Well done Ilana! I thought it was quite difficult to think of things to say, but you managed :)

vonsachsen said...

He he, this was fun reading :D Could you please come up with five more things? Pleeeze ;P


Sarah Nicole said...

You are quite funny Ilana!

Mara said...

Thanks for participating, Ilana :)

I pretty much agree with your No.5 thing!

Gemma said...

I absolutely agree with number 5 and can sympathise with being terrified of custard, I haven't attempted to conquer the fear yet.