Monday, May 14, 2007

More boring stuff about me. ☺

6. I wear a size 4 shoe in US sizes, so I sometimes, well a lot of the time, have to buy kids' shoes.

7. I ate bacon for the first time a month ago. The bad news is that I don't hate it, but it must be extra crispy!

8. I've had maybe two hamburgers in my entire life; have a thing about minced meat!

9. Marc Chagall is my favorite painter/artist of all time, and we share a birthday.

10. I have a calendar in my office that's still turned to August 2006.


Lisa said...

You ate bacon!!! (Definitely extra crispy.)

Gemma said...

Size 4! You are too little for some women's shoes and I am too big at a UK size 9 :( (I think that's about a US 11 or 12)