Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Right, so I'm quitting!

Just a short announcement on here. I am leaving my job. Yes! After four and half years, I finally decided to take the plunge. I'm not sure what life will be like now that I won't have anything to complain about --- it's so unlike me! Ha! Well there's always my husband....

I'm taking the road less traveled and doing the whole 'finding myself' thing now, at age 28. I realize it's a bold move, and probably a stupid one, financially, but I gotta look out for numero uno. Yup, that's me! The next few months will be up and down; I will be out of the country for five weeks this summer basking in the gorgeous Israeli sunshine. I promise a lot of falafel pics upon my return.

But, for the meantime, I'm still here. My last day is the 24th of May. My plans after that are to get my Israeli passport extended, have a few panic attacks, do the temp'ing thing until I go to Israel, try on bathing suits where the tops are made so small they could make anyone look like Pamela Anderson, trying to do last minute toning of my squidgy areas, and cooking up some seasonal summery eats. I really really hope I find my dream job when I come back from Israel and do some more aggressive temp'ing. Maybe I'll find myself this summer; who knows?


Ms O said...

Fortunately, you've got your entire lifetime to find yourself. It seems to be an ongoing adventure.

One of the most blessed things in the world is to have a job/career that you're absolutely, madly in love with. I wish you that kind of job.

Lea :^)

Sarah said...

Hey Ilana!

Well done on leaving your job. It's always so hard to make a big decision like that, even if the job you're leaving isn't that great! It's a big step, and I'm behind you all the way. :)

All the best for the future; I look forward to hearing your adventures from Israel!!

Much love,

xox Sarah

Kelly-Jane said...

Best of luck sweetie!


Anna's kitchen table said...

All the best Ilana, and well done for being brave and taking a risk!

Kelly-Jane said...

I have done what you are doing, and given up a job then moved onto temping. I enjoyed temping, the companies keep asking you to become staff again!

Lisa said...

This is the kind of decision/move one never regrets! You will look back and wish you'd done it sooner. So don't worry, and have fun. I had the same exp. as K-J -- when I temp'd, they'd ask me to stay. Go enjoy yourself & let the world fill you up! You're free!

Gemma said...

Congratulations Ilana! You must be in the swing of your last day now and getting excited about your trip. Have a fabulous time, sometimes I think you just need to throw yourself into change to make it happen.

Gemma x