Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fashion Backward

(pics from New York Times)

I don't follow the fashion trends usually. I buy what I like and what I think looks good on me. I don't hardly get excited about clothes, but when I started noticing that a lot of shirts and dresses were quite loose in the middle area, I was secretly jumping up and down. Yes!! Finally a trend where you can wear fat clothes and be cool about it. I suppose this kind of clothing makes anybody just over their BMI look pregnant, but I didn't care, because it meant I could eat another piece of cake.

And then someone at work thought I was pregnant. That was last December. Today, somebody else at work thought I was pregnant too. I'm starting to really hate this fashion trend!

When has it become OK for people at work to congratulate you on being pregnant, when you're not!, before you make any kind of announcement? I mean it has happened twice to me and twice when I wore tops that were a bit loose towards the bottom. Am I just not allowed to wear these kinds of clothes? Can only size 2's wear these and not be asked when they are expecting?? This is seriously not fair.

I'd never thought I'd say this but I totally feel for celebs. Every time these women are bloated and wearing either a really loose top, or even a really tight one, there are headlines the next day: Expecting?! Bun in the oven?! Grrrrrr. Not fair. I want my Thanksgiving pants! I want my loose fitting clothes. Why do only thin people get to wear it and not be asked if they're pregnant?!

I hate my job. Thank god I'm leaving!!!


Kelly-Jane said...

I bought a yellow top like the one in the rh picture, and when I put it on I thought myself that I looked a bit expecting (I'm not). It was so comfortable though :)

Lisa said...

Rude! I think someone once advised that, unless you see a baby's head emerging from between a woman's legs, it's not a good idea to ask her if she's pregnant.

Mara said...

Why hasn't this trend shown up in Hungary yet????????? Arrgh, how I hate all those uncomfy, tight T-shirts, these are lovely!
Believe me, remarks like "when are you getting pregnant at last? It was time you did" are not less emberrassing especially if you *are* trying to and they've no idea how bloody painful it is for you to hear such a question!

Gemma said...

Lisa, that's hilarious!

Unfortunately I think it is true that loose fitting clothes only flatter the skinny - it seems so cruel but if I wear something loose I look pregnant as well.

When are you leaving your job? What are you doing? Did I miss that announcement.

Anna's kitchen table said...

Lisa, LOL!

Ilana, seriously I have tried this look and it did not flatter me in the slightest, but oh! How I WISHED it had have done!!!
LOL xxx

vonsachsen said...

Well, Ilana, if that make you happier I can tell you that I just bought two of these tops and though I´m skinny, it doesn´t make me look great :D You know why? It´s not enough that you´re skinny, you have to have boobs too...These loose tops make the already small "feminine charms" to disappear LOL

julie said...

I'm with Lisa on this one, people who ask if you're pregnant or worse, congratulate you Have no manners whatsoever.

Hope you're doing great!