Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Grocery Receipt

This is why I could never live in Manhattan...

My Grocery Receipt -- 5/22/07

3lb. yellow onion bag -- $1.69
Israeli cucumbers @ $1.59/lb -- $0.91
2 small artichokes -- $0.57
Plum tomatoes @ $0.49/lb -- $0.76
8 limes -- $1.00
Idaho potatoes @ $0.49/lb -- $1.14
3 lemons -- $0.86
1 small carton heavy cream -- $1.69

Number of items: 18
TOTAL: $8.62

I invite you all to share your grocery receipts... maybe in your own blog. An 'event'.. ha!

And a question, anybody have any good risotto recipes with artichokes? I've never cooked them before and am keen to try -- especially since they were 7 for $1.99! Hello!


vonsachsen said...

Fun idea comparing receipts, I´ll do that next time I´m having some groceries :)
Kelly-Jane has recently blogged about a risotto with artichokes, I think recipe comes from Tessa Kiros.


Kelly-Jane said...

Yes it was from Falling Cloudberries, I used tinned ones, and just trimmed them to use the bottoms, but fresh is a real treat!

Sandy said...

I love the idea of sharing grocery lists Ilana, but I'm afraid mine would not fit on the page! I am shocked each and every time I get to the register shopping for food for myself, my husband and 2 little boys!