Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I swear, they're stalking me!!

So, first we have mamaliga, and then we had golubtsy, and now the NY Times is talking falafel and shawarma.

I'm sure you all know my humor enough now to understand I'm not being serious, after all. The NY Times is NOT stalking me, but I find it funny how they keep talking about my homies' food. And I like how they are expanding their borders and cuisines.

So, this week, it's all about the Chickpea. I had already known about this restaurant/cafe -- it being already part of my Hummus File. I would love to say that I have done my hummus tour of NYC but the summer ran away with me, and then it got too friggin' cold to do anything.

Some readers may remember my Magical Culinary Tours. I do plan on resurrecting those, perhaps on this blog, or do it on my Tom N-D one.. not sure. But there are still so many places I want to visit and eat at... what else is a Metrocard good for. Ohhh, to go to work, you say. Pah!

I have to admit that falafel is not my favorite Israeli thang. There is only one place where I ate it and didn't get heartburn. Not sure why that is, but I think my late 20's stomach is ready for it again. I like that Chickpea makes its own pita -- it is not easy to find edible pita in the world outside of Israel. Luckily, some Brooklyn haunts bake perfect and fluffy pita, just like the ones back home.

Speaking of Israeli food eating, I recently bought some Sabra products -- hummus and matbucha. Matbucha is a kind of spicy tomato pepper salad. It's more of a spread, actually, or a salsa, and though I am not a fan of peppers, I absolutely love it. It is seriously addictive. I made a sandwich for lunch today of matbucha and havarti on a wholewheat bread. Don't knock it till you try it!

I have to revisit my Israeli grocery stores to stock up again. I'm lucky that I have places like Chickpea and these stores to visit whenever I'm feeling homesick for some Netanya sun. Soon, soon...

P.S. A note to Mr./Ms. Anonymous:

You may notice that I have removed the ability to post anonymous posts. I actually don't mind it if non-registered users read or want to comment, but lately I have been getting remarks from people, that are kind of opinionated, to the point of being smart-assy, with no signature at the end. If you want to be a smart-ass with me, go right ahead -- god knows I've been plenty smart-ass too. But at least have the cojones to sign yer name. After all, I do. And P.P.S., this is MY blog, so of course I'm right about everything! LOL.

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