Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's 71º degrees, and I made ice cream.

Global warming aside (haha!), today was wonderful and warm! I went out around 10am in just a thin long-sleeved shirt. I didn't feel cold at all. It was surreal, but it really put me in the mood for ice cream.

I got an ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer back in July for my birthday, after wanting one for two years! Ironically, I have only used it once since then, to make Tessa Kiros' strawberry sorbet. I loved it, Rafa didn't.... so I was left with a huge tupperware full of sorbet. It has been in our freezer since July, much to the chagrin of Mr. Husband. Well I finally cleared that out.

I have not been excited about making ice cream because the word custard just scares me. Anything involving eggs that are meant to stay creamy over heat frightens me -- I have visions of sweet scrambled eggs. However, another Tessa ice cream recipe from Apples for Jam included no custard, no eggs, and the simplest ingredients around: light cream, maple syrup, milk, vanilla. Fab! I only had enough maple syrup for 1/2 the recipe, and was actually also shy a tablespoon, so added golden syrup to top it up.

All that goes into making the ice cream is making a batter of the cream and maple syrup, and then whisking in the milk and vanilla. I chilled this for about 10 minutes in the freezer so that it would be nice and cold for the ice cream maker. The actual churning took only around 12 minutes. It was then soft-serve consistency, and we had a bit of a taste. Awesome!! Sweet and lovely but not sickly.

I popped it into the freezer in a tight container to ripen for a couple of hours. The Maple Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream:

This was so easy to scoop out and I was delighted at not seeing any ice crystals. Creamy deliciousness. I can't believe I only made half quantity as this was just enough to make two modest sized portions, such as the above. Must make more!


Anna's kitchen table said...

must look this recipe up - no custard making you say? Fantastic!

Sarah said...

Hey Ilana!

That ice-cream looks fabulous. I've had my eye on that recipe for a while - I got both Apples for Jam and Falling Cloudberries for Christmas and they're just gorgeous, aren't they?

I've also been making a lot of ice-creams lately, which means a LOT of custards and egg yolks (and leftover egg whites!) I must, must try this one.

xox Sarah