Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Report: Stuffing becomes dressing.

I have been reading and hearing various reports from a few sources about which should be made for Thanksgiving. It's funny because most articles say, 'well you could make turkey stuffing.... but how about dressing?' It's like I feel the whole foodie community crowded around me in a circle saying, 'Dressing Dressing DRESSING'. In case you're wondering what I'm on about, stuffing is the stuff IN the turkey, and dressing is cooked separately. I was really keen to make stuffing, because I like the mushiness... I know some people don't. But, I've been noticing that a lot of sites are saying that stuffing may be dangerous...

From the Food Network (who have too much invested to be sued by people who get stuffing poisoning!):

A note on stuffing: Be careful when cooking your turkey with stuffing inside. To kill harmful bacteria, the stuffing must reach 180 degrees F. If your bird is done but the stuffing hasn't reached the proper temperature, transfer the stuffing to a dish and cook separately. Better yet, don't stuff--make dressing instead.

Well, thankfully for me, making dressing actually works out better with timing. James Beard's bread stuffing, via The Minimalist, can be made and baked three days in advance! Or, I could make the stuffing one day in advance, and then cook it on Thanksgiving night. I think I'll go for option 1 as it will one less thing to worry about!

In related Thanksgiving news, Tessa's cranberry and chocolate biscuits will be baked tonight, and they will hang out in a ziplock bag until the day. The rest of the pre-Thanksgiving cooking will commence tomorrow night when countdown to Ilana's mental breakdown will also begin.

Will keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ilana

Please talk us through the steps. I love hearing about Thanksgiving - I have only celebrated it once when I had American friends at university. I would love to shadow you as you prepare this fabulous family dinner.
I always make 'dressing', by the way, but still call it 'stuffing'. I love it as much as the roast bird!
I'm with you... keep reporting!
Kathryn x