Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving report:

Cookie-making last night was a success! I had some free time before my sister and my nephew, Liam, came over, so I quickly whipped up a batch and was able to fit all tiny morsels of heaven on one tray -- I finally got it to 30 cookies, woohoo! But I ate one, actually two, and my sister had two. She declared them 'yummy' but that I should have not put in cranberries because chocolate chips must never be disturbed. I would usually agree with her on this, but the cranberries in these cookies taste just so fab! (They are in a sealed bag now, ready for tomorrow!)

Incidentally, Liam had loads of fun at my place yesterday. He doesn't usually come around so he had loads of things to touch and discover. At one point he took a stack of quarters we had on a table for the laundry and proceeded to place each at uniform intervals on the couch, window sill, floor, etc. He also took out our CDs from the tower and stacked them in a separate location. Definitely on-task, the little cherub was. Here he is with my sunglasses on. Apparently, he's .. too sexy for my flat... too sexy for my flat..!

Tonight, I have all the ingredients for the rest of the cooking. (Did the shopping for the 'fresh' stuff last night.) I will make the Mushroom Caviar and the Bread Stuffing. However, I have not yet decided if I will make the stuffing (dressing) and bake it tonight for reheating tomorrow. Or should I make it but bake it alongside the turkey tomorrow... Decisions decisions.

I think I will need to see how big that bird is before I can make a decision. My mom says it's 14 lbs. We are currently debating on how much time to leave it in the oven. I say 2 hours 45 minutes based on the Food Network turkey calculator. She says 3 hours 30 minutes based on the tag that came with the turkey. Hmmmmn, well she'll bring the turkey around tonight plus the huge table. We will be eight adults in all.

Until next time...


Claudia said...

How cute is this lovely boy??? ; )

Anonymous said...

Mmm he is sooo cute.

I haven't tried those cookies - I quite like the idea of whipping some up in a sort of ersatz Thanksgiving.

You are doing so well Ilana!

Kathryn x

Anonymous said...

Ilana my banana
Do you have a meat thermometer? I invested in one a while back, because, despite cooking turkeys each year for the past 300 years I never can decide how long they should take. I also invested in an oven thermometer as all ovens vary and it can make a huge difference to your cooking time.

What can I say. I like gadgets!

Anna's kitchen table said...

Liam is a darling!
Just want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Don't work too hard!