Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Love Bowl

My mom taught me how to make her chicken soup a while back, and good thing I blogged about it (with pictures!), because my mind is such a sieve lately, there is no way I would have recreated it.

You get a nice leg quarter or thighs or drumsticks – whatever. Get organic, because since chicken is the leading actor in this play, you want it to be Oscar-caliber. You add water to the chicken till it covers it and put on a high flame so it starts boiling. Then you have to skim for a bit – that’s what the schmaltz is – and you are instantly Jewish, by the way, by saying schmaltz. Once you are done skimming, you add the veggies. Carrots, parsnips, an onion cut into quarters but not all the way through. Read the original blog entry to see a picture of what I mean. You add a tablespoon or to taste of vegetable bouillon powder or cubes or concentrate, whatever you got going, put it to simmer with a lid and let it cook for a good hour. Then you taste the darn thing. Add the dill or parsley or both at the end and let that cook another 15 minutes. And that’s it!! Jewish penicillin. When I made this last, I added dried chickpeas (which I soaked overnight, thank you very much) about halfway through. I was inspired by my m-i-l, that served us chicken soup with chickpeas on our last trip to Spain. Very good and good for you!

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