Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't tell your Italian grandmother about this pizza.

In one of the first few pages of Kitchen, Nigella had me at crustless pizza. Pizza anything and I will try it. The fact that it was a quick recipe, that it looked so amazing, that I didn’t have to make a dough that’s soft but not too sticky. And cheese. My second favorite food group. I was surprised that Nigella had cheddar cheese for this ‘pizza’ but she did describe it as a crustless grilled cheese sandwich. So it made complete sense to me to top it with fresh tomato, since tomato soup is a usual partner to the grilled cheese.

The ‘dough’ is more like a pancake batter – and even more interesting, you don’t pour it into a frying pan – you actually bake it.

When I looked at it just before I added the 2nd helping of cheddar cheese and the tomato, it reminded me kind of like a cheesy Yorkshire pudding. It bubbled up in places and looked so inviting.

And although the final result was very good, I was not too sure about its consistency. The batter never seemed cooked enough, but it could have been just that it was melted cheese in the dough, not uncooked batter. Plus, you can’t eat this like a Brooklyn pizza. You can’t slice it up, cup it in your hand and go to town. It’s more of a proper knife and fork type of thing, which is ok I guess, but I suppose I was just in the mood for an easy pizza, not a cheesy dough pancake. So not sure if it is a recipe I’ll try again… And this is when I really started questioning myself, and worse, questioning Nigella. I mean, I’ve been waiting for years for this book – she even told us about it in its infancy (and by the way, used a cool verb to describe what she was doing with it, but mommy brain/sieve can’t remember). A homebaked crustless cheese pizza to the person that can!

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