Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rye Time, Rye Place

I guess it's part of the stereotype that since I am Jewish, I have to love rye bread.. but I really didn't for a long time. I am used to the slices of bread that had caraway seeds (or something like that) sprinkled into them - god, they're gross. I'm actually heaving now just thinking about it. I know that one can't judge bread by rye alone, but it's just the feeling I get about that type of bread.

When I invited my family over for beef stew a little while ago, my mom brought fresh rye bread from the local Russian supermarket. (She only revealed later that she had bought it for her breakfast the next day, and not for our dinner, as I live quite close to this supermarket.) We had used it to dip into the lovely gravy that the stew made, and I definitely gave in to its slightly sour note - and it helped that it was super fresh and sans seeds.

A few days later, I bought that loaf of bread at the same supermarket, and made the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich ever with it! It is Nigella's easy express recipe for it in her new book. You spread both slices of bread with a mixture of mayo and Worcestershire sauce. Then you fill the sandwich with thin cheddar and tomato slices. And then you grill it. It is soooo good! I had made the slaw to go with it, although my version had honey instead of chutney since I didn't have any mango chutney around. A fabulous combination! Please make this recipe soon - so fab!


Anna's kitchen table said...

OK, I will! Just need to buy some fantastic bread! :-)

Lisa said...

I'm with you on this. I can't stand caraway seeds for some reason. When I make Nigella's liptauer I leave them out. I can deal with rye if it doesn't have seeds, but it will never be my first choice of bread. Your sandwich looks good, though, and I could try that.

Anonymous said...

Ok, just need to buy or bake some good bread.

Yum :)