Sunday, October 28, 2007

So how was it?

Rafa is doing day shifts finally! Now we won't be ships passing in the night like we were for the past year or so. The great thing is that we will have chances to have proper, albeit late, dinners together on weekdays and weekends... The bad thing is in the rare chance I want to go out with my sister or my friends, I'm kind of giving up the little quality husband-wife time we do have. And of course, most importantly, if I do make something for Rafa to eat so he doesn't go into his (wait, taking out his small violin) sad overtures about how there is nothing to eat, I don't ever get to hear the critique, eh hem, review!

This afternoon I decided to be quite productive (how unlike me!) and make him some dinner that he would eat in my absence in the evening, as I was going to see a movie with my sister. I made him Nigella's Pollo alla Cacciatora, cause I was quite curious how it would taste, and I was pretty sure he would like all the flavor combinations. I didn't get to taste it myself, apart for testing for enough salt, and left it on the stove for him with reheating instructions.

I came home quite late knowing he'd be in bed already. But wanting to know what he thought of the dinner, I thought I'd check the kitchen to see how much he had eaten. Amount eaten equals love of recipe/measure of how hungry he is. I didn't see the pan on the stove anymore, and thinking he must have put the leftovers in the fridge, I checked there. No leftovers. Hmmmn. Checked the sink. Yep, the pan in the sink filled with water. Ikea white bowl next to pan in sink, also empty, also filled with water. Next place to look - the garbage can. Phew, no 'leftover' chicken cacciatora in there. Ok, so only conclusion is he ate the entire thing! An entire dish meant for 4 people! He better have liked it otherwise I'll kick his butt for eating an entire something-that-is-possibly-the-best-thing-ever! But I'll never know if it's good, until I make it again.

How could he eat that entire thing? The appetite of my husband is something I will never be able to fully comprehend.


Anonymous said...

Did he really eat the whole thing..?! I should start swimming so that I too could eat those amounts of food and still look fit and slim..! Yikes!

Maria xx

Lady M said...

Yeah, he really did eat the whole thing! LOL.

I guess it was a hit, then!


Anna's kitchen table said...

Ilana, my hubby actually said that this is the best dish I've EVER cooked from ANY of Nigella's books....hhmm, must be the Medditeranean in him coming out! LOL

Lady M said...

Holy moly, that's a bold statement! I'm so glad your hubs enjoyed it! I think mine was just hungry, and let's just say, has a BIG appetite. Bless him. :)


Georgina Ingham | CulinaryTravels said...

I love that dish but have yet to try Nigella's version. Fabulous photo too Ilana.

Lisa said...

This looks so good! (And obviously, it was!)
Chicken Cacciatore is one of my favorite Italian dishes, so I must try this next :).

Kelly-Jane said...

My hubby could do that as well! WHen I'm healthy eating he often easts a lot more than normal, to stave of the starvation effect!

I liked this too.


Rafa Acal said...

ok ok. I must confess it was gorgeous!