Tuesday, October 02, 2007

EXPRESS yourself!

Yay, I'm the happy owner of Nigella Express, and my blog friends have been cooking up a storm from the book. There have been some varied reviews, but at first glance, I think the book is fabulous. I have to admit most are not figure-friendly... so I'm really going to have to pace myself, but I'm so happy to discover a new Nigella book. It's all very exciting! Three years since her last release!

Check out the blogs to the right to hear other reviews of Nigella's book from my blog friends... and if you're in the US, some great news. Nigella Express, the TV show, is coming to the Food Network, and soon!

Nigella Express, Sundays at 10:30am/9:30c

If you're a blogger that has Express and not on my list, just give us a shout in the Comments section, and point us to your blog, so we could see what Express meals you are dishing up!


Anonymous said...

Ilana, I am curious -- in the photo on the cover of NE, what is she holding in her RIGHT hand? I can see the spaghetti in the left, and my beloved AI sauce in the background (product placement? - if only the Forum were up, and I could ask). I know I will have my own copy soon enough (just a few more weeks!) but I was wondering if you could clear up this mystery for me. Cheffy

Lady M said...

It's a Motorola Razr. :) The guys over at Motorola must be thrilled, though I am sure they are quite rich already. ))

Incidentally, I have one too. Hehe. Hot pink. (Clarice, are you listening?) I knew Nigella had one when I purchased mine, but it was really b/c my sister had one in baby pink that I was crazy about. Sibling rivalry never dies. :))


p.s. What did you think of the show?

Anonymous said...

LOVED the show - always happy to see recent film of her and how the kids have grown! Im not sure how I feel about that "new" kitchen, however. The 'fridge seems a bit too "retro" but Im sure it was all to her specification.

Ah yes, a cell phone. Of course! Im sure Motorola is happy. Most of my coworkers have this phone too -- you'd think I would recognize it, even from a distance.

BTW - Im trying the miso salmon again tonight, with bigger pieces of fish. You were quite right - 125g/piece is JUST not enough!

Does anyone know when (if?) the Forum will be back up? It ended so abruptly...