Saturday, September 29, 2007

Figuring this out...

I'm not a Weight Watchers spokesperson.... I don't have the PLAN all figured out. There are some days when I wish I could eat a chocolate sundae for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then another one for dessert. I'm not in a plan at all, actually. I'm just doing this eating-better-thing until I think I could do it for a long time. I'm trying it on, before I'm committing. But I am trying, which I guess is the most important thing.

As I have said before, weekends could be totally disastrous for me. A whole kitchen all to myself. Rafa has gotten into the habit of buying bars of dark chocolate. Bastard! But I vowed to myself that starting this weekend, I would make every effort to eat better, because I know myself. Weekend indulgences become weekday indulgences. And I would make any excuse for my badness. My day was hard. My day was easy. I'm having a bad hair day. The new H&M around the corner opened up. And so on and so on!

This morning, breakfast started out well. Cereal with lowfat milk. 3 points. :)

I was famished by lunchtime... It's odd that on days that I don't do anything, how much more hungry I am.

I hadn't planned lunch at all... and was this close to just pick things from the fridge.

Then, I thought, 'wrap!' I made a wrap! And very delicious it was too. High-fiber wrap (2 points), salad leaves (0 points), 1 oz of feta cheese (2 points), oregano (0 points), and shredded carrot (0 points) and a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (1 point). Yay, only 5 points! Woo hoo! A couple of my foodie friends have said how wonderful feta, olive oil and oregano is together. I so agree! Mmmmmm.

So lunch was successful. Stay tuned for my dinner tales! :)


Anna's kitchen table said...

That looks lovely Ilana, and only 5 points, woo hoo!!!!!!

I don't think we can get hi-fibre wraps here, I suppose a tortilla would be fine to use.

Sandy said...

That really looks like the perfect lunch. Or dinner, really. I love those ingredients piled in a wrap with feta or goat's cheese. Mmmm