Sunday, June 03, 2007

Technical Stuff

Sorry for the changes to the blog over the last 24 hours or so... I've become obsessed with my blog header as of late. I have finally decided on one. The above was taken by me in Florida during March of last year. It represents a really happy time, and I'm proud to share it as my blog header.

You'll also notice the little favicon next to your browser address. That is indeed Nigella's famous cupcake from the How to be a Domestic Goddess cover. Hopefully the Admins won't be knocking on my door soon with handcuffs! If I were arrested, I doubt I'd get the Paris Hilton treatment. Could you imagine?! Having a cell all to yourself, all the Living Kitchen items you could hope for, roast chicken for lunch and pavlova for dessert, walking along the likes of Sandra Lee (arrested for impersonating a human when she is in fact an alien), Rachael Ray (accused of saying YUM-O to the Pope), Bobby Flay (indicted for a shiny forehead) and Bill Granger (in the slammer for wearing white jeans before Memorial Day).



Sandy said...

I love the picture Ilana. The flower is gorgeous!
Enjoy the weather.

Kelly-Jane said...

Your new picture header is so pretty :)