Sunday, April 08, 2007

Making It Easy

Lunch today was lovely and simple, just the way I like it.

I had some mushrooms in the fridge that urgently needed to be used, so the easiest way I could think of preparing them was following Nigella's Garlic Mushrooms method in How to Eat. Just fry some sliced mushrooms in garlicky butter and oil, add white wine, and then finally add some cream. Delish! I plopped them on top some equally buttery and creamy mashed potatoes, and if that isn't rich enough, I also added some grated cheese. YUM! Rafa had his mushrooms on top of pork chops that were likewise placed on a bed of mash. Gorgeous lunch!

And for dessert, a lemony treat. Nigella's Lemon Ice Cream with a 'zingy' lemon cookie from a recipe in Delicious UK back in May 2006. These are Rafa's favorite cookies and they go really well with the ice cream, which is quite tangy actually -- but not a bad thing! Reminds me of a lemon gelato. I didn't have the cookie, though, it being Passover and all.

And on that front, a bit of a mid-Passover rant. I should call it the annual mid-Passover rant because it is usually around this time that I get fed up with it. No flour, no bread, no pasta. I could deal with that. But when it comes to no corn, no rice, no beans!! Agggh! It is a load of bollocks to me, because some Jews are allowed to eat those things (apart from the flour/bread/pasta) while others are not. So, yesterday, I pretended I was Sephardic and fully enjoyed my full 'o beans chilli with rice. And I enjoyed being Sephardic again at dinnertime, when I had sushi rolls. :D

Bring on the pizza; I am really missing that!!!


Kelly-Jane said...

Look at thise cookies! Mmmm! I printed off the recipe for your polenta lemon ones - are these the other ones? They just look perfect.


Lady M said...

No, KJ. These are the 'zingy lemon cookies' also from Delicious. I posted both on the recipe archive, so just search 'zingy' and they should come up.

Holler if you can't find them.


pistachio said...

Oh I must check these out, I love the polenta ones although haven't made them for a while. The ice cream looks delish too :)

pi xxx

Gemma said...

Yum - I must look for this recipe as they sound good.

Gemma x