Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evening 'tea' and a new book...

Rafa is in Spain for the next two weeks, so meals at home have been off and on. Yesterday I had a horrible slice of pizza, and then came home to bake some bread rolls. It got late, so I let the rolls rise for a second time in the fridge overnight.

When I got home today, I baked the rolls, had a cup of tea, and decided to call that an evening's meal. It's fine, really, because sometimes all I want is just some toast or a roll and a cup of tea. It's been cloudy, and rainy and cold here, so it's that kind of food.

The rolls are pretty special though, I have to admit. They come from a book called Flavours of Tuscany and are a less-sweet version of hot cross buns, Pandiramerino - Rosemary, Sultana and Olive Oil Bread. I got the recipe from a really fabulous Delicious issue -- May 2006. It is the Italian issue and has to be my favorite Delicious edition. There are so many lovely Italian recipes -- my favorite cuisine!

This is the second time now that I am making these rolls. This time around, I took my time, and they turned out absolutely beautiful, not to mention delicious.

I just love raisin bread full stop, so this is made even more delicious by the addition of rosemary, my favorite herb. Fab fab fab.

And this evening was made even more special with the arrival of my Spring book -- I did mention I would get a new book for each season -- The Accidental Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer. It was recommended to me by Jen_C on Nigella.com. I was intrigued by a recipe she had made - Gnocchi with wild mushroom and rosemary ragu. Flipping through the book now, I see many more wonderful recipes I can't wait to try!

Just a taste:

Spicy red bell pepper hummus w/ coriander seed flat bread
Tomato and mozzarella cakes
Sweet potato salad
Eggplant "stack" with pesto
Pumpkin enchilladas with mole sauce
Moroccan spaghetti
Rendang shallot and asparagus curry
Pan haggerty
Lemon, lime and orange polenta cake
Goat's cheese and lemon cheesecake
Peanut butter and jelly cheesecake

This book really speaks to me because I always thought I'm a closeted vegetarian. LOL. Not yet ready to 'come out' to my carnivorous family and husband. I think I eat more non-meaty dishes than anything else, and I don't feel like I am lacking anything. But, of course, I do get my meaty urges too. There are times when I'm particularly hungry that I would imagine Rafa's head is a roasted turkey (a la Looney Tunes) and would love to attack a chicken drumstick all caveman-like. Nevertheless, I think this book will be a great read! (And I only got it for about $10 including shipping -- yay for Amazon third-party sellers!)


Mara said...

Oh, the pandiramerinos! I love how certain food brings back nice memories. I remember a little "cookalong" for this, you, Maria, me LOL They were really lovely and I must say yours are extremely pretty :P

Kelly-Jane said...

That bread looks fabulous! The book looks interesting too, must have a look at it!


Lisa said...

Huh, I never would have thought to put raisins and rosemary together. Looks really good!
That veggie cookbook looks interesting.

Paola Westbeek said...

Hey Ilana,

I just got this cookbook from Kathryn. It looks wonderful but I've yet to try a recipe. I think I'll finally get around to doing that this week!