Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Did I get Peter Meehan demoted?

Eek. Well you know Peter Meehan. I kind of called him a crankypants in my review of his article in his $25 and under section.

Well, in today's NY Times, this new development:

This week, the Dining section introduces Dining Briefs, short reviews that include first looks at new restaurants, quick updates on places that have been reviewed or overlooked, and critiques of bars and lounges that offer noteworthy drinks and food. The feature will provide an informed opinion on places around New York City that are worth consideration even if they don't receive a full review in Frank Bruni's Restaurants column or in $25 and Under. Dining Briefs will alternate every other week with $25 and Under.

Well maybe now that crankypants will write a column every other week, he won't be so, erm, critical.

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Kelly-Jane said...

Maybe he'll have more time to write in a less crankypants style ;)