Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I don't often get pulled in by pictures in newspaper food columns. Not that I think that the photographers for publications like the New York Times aren't hugely talented -- it's just that there is less glitz and glamour that can often be found in glossy cookbooks. I think that is because as opposed to cookbooks, newspapers are selling the recipes, not the chefs. But, I spotted a gem of recipe in last month's New York Times that really begged to be made; Buttery Polenta with Parmesan and Olive Oil Fried Eggs and Garlicky Swiss Chard. A mouthful, I know. These were actually a combination of recipes, but I couldn't imagine making one without the other after seeing this photo.

Since I was on my own tonight, I knew I could do something quirky like have eggs and polenta and veggies. I don't exactly think Rafa would find that to be a suitable meal for dinner. He is quite suspicious when meat doesn't play a starring role, let alone no role at all!

So on with the two recipes:

I didn't have swiss chard or spinach, so used broccoli instead. I thought it would do well stirred around in a pan of olive oil, garlic and hot chilli flakes. The polenta, as always, was quick and easy to make. I added butter and pepper at the very end. And the egg -- well -- I don't have to tell you how to fry an egg. I found it pretentious though that the NY Times described it as an 'olive oil fried egg'. Um, I don't know what they fry their eggs in but it's always olive oil for me.

Then, it was just a matter of assembling. I have to admit to 'staging' the pic just a bit. It was dinnertime so I obviously couldn't get the gorgeous 'natural' light the NY Times pic got, but I tried my best. I always complained how awful the light was in my old apartment. Well, here, there are lights everywhere, but in the kitchen, they are spotlights, so wherever you go, you cast a shadow. So no to overhead shots -- oh well! It is so hard to make me happy, LOL.

Well it's not a Picasso, or Petrina Tinslay, but here is Ilana's knock-off picture, brought to you this evening by Ikea. Going fast to the highest bidder!


Truffle said...

I love eggs for dinner. My other half would be less than delighted if I placed this in front of him too so perhaps I shall have to try it one night when I'm on my own!

julie said...

The photo looks good enough believe me!

Well, you know that you can actually fry an egg in butter!!!!! LOLLOL!