Friday, March 16, 2007

...And good it was too.

I've mentioned before about the wonderful sandwich I could get at a nearby bakery during my lunchhour. This is the famous Sullivan Street Bakery (but now it's called Grandaisy Bakery - - the stuff is still the same though) that was featured in the NY Times for its no-knead bread.

The actual bread the sandwich comes on is fantastic in itself, but unfortunately is not sold at the bakery, go figure. (It's not the bakery's famous ciabatta.) However I think it WOULD work with a nice fresh ciabatta or even sourdough. The sandwich, more or less, is arugala with goat cheese and beets. It is DELICIOUS.

I recreated it tonight at home, and it turned out pretty darn fantastic! I used spreadable goat cheese that I happily found at posh, fancy Manhattan grocery store. The beets are from a can (but I'm sure the beet enthusiasts out there can roast them just the same) and the bread is just some wholewheat I had lying around. One day I plan on making some ciabatta loaves from scratch, and this will be the sandwich to debut them. But, all in all, not a bad way to start the weekend!


Kelly-Jane said...

I've never eaten (or even thought of putting!) beetroot in a sandwich, but beetroot and soft cheese, that looks and sounds fab!

I'm giving this a go next week for lunch :)


Kathryn said...

I wouldn't have thought of beetroot sandwiches either, but that sandwich looks really good! Mmm. Lucky you by the way to have a good bakery nearby. Not a luxury I enjoy!!

Kathryn x

Mara said...

What an intriguing combo! I love beetroot so it must be fab :P