Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Moving (out) Montage

Here is a small sample of the delights I was able to make in my kitchen this week, with limited ingredients and time. :)

Potato and Onion Hash - Nigella Lawson (Feast and At My Table)

Penna alla Vodka - Nigella Lawson (Feast and At My Table)

So we bid farewell to our last potato, egg, and box of tri-color rotini. Goodbye passata and goodbye last few milliliters of vodka in a hotel bar bottle.


And in other news, here's this month's column on Healthy Eating:


I don't know who invented this Israeli bundle of happiness, but they are a genius. Described, quite unappetisingly, on the package as Vanilla flavored foam on a biscuit, coated with chocolate compound. Ok, well, if you're still interested in what it is really like... It is a lovely mound of fluffy and gooey marshmallow on top a gorgeous cookie base and covered in milk chocolate. It is a very fragile thing to carry around, as you could see, so it is packaged in a very tacky hot pink plastic carton, and you're sure to find a number of krembos a bit battered and bruised, but still undeniably delicious.

This was my breakfast today! My excuse is no eggs, and no milk for cereal. And we'll be moving our big furniture today, so I need these vitamins, you understand.

Check in next month for another edition of Healthy Eating.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ilana, you have crembo!!! Yum Yum. You do know they are one of the major food groups? There is actually a crembo season in Israel (winter - they simply melt in summer).
Good luck with the move.
Love Francesca

Anna's kitchen table said...

Ilana, you need all the energy you can get for the move = more krembos, not less!!


Kathryn said...

I'd never heard of Krembo! they look lovely though.I really need to try that hash!

Good luck moving!

Kathryn x

Sarah Nicole said...

I am so glad that to see that you are going to have a bigger kitchen, but I hope you are like I would be and blow a huge kiss to your former kitchen for that little tiny one sure helped you prepare a plethora of great meals. I can see your name in lights one day, "Chez Ilana."

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love these, grew up with them :) I was wondering yesterday what they might be called in English. I've learnt something new today. :)

Georgina Ingham | CulinaryTravels said...

Wow Krembo's look wonderful. So much better than our UK equivalent - the Tunnock's tea cake.