Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm in love with cupboard again...

Life has been hectic lately. Late last year, we got our lease renewal form from our landlord, as we are nearing 4 years in this cute apartment, and we decided to take the plunge and upgrade our life a bit and get a 2 bedroom apartment. Buying is still not an option, and we quickly discovered, renting ain't cheap either. Apparently, Brooklyn is cool now. And places you would never expect to find condos or a hip crowd, are now just as or close to as expensive as the rentals in Manhattan. Wot's going on?!

So we found a place! It's a bit more residential than where we are living now, which means we will occupy the first floor of a private home. But, the perks of living in a house is of course more space, bigger kitchen, pool, etc. :) Exciting! Plus, I live only a few blocks away from Brooklyn's biggest chinatown, in Sunset Park. I am noticing a pattern in my life as now I live just off Brooklyn's smallest chinatown, LOL.

So we're in the process of moving, which means, cupboard cleanout....

The fridge is the main concern as that stuff doesn't stay fresh for long. I spent the weekend finding things to make to use the ingredients in the fridge.

So our freezer is full. That is not a usual thing, but since Rafa works most nights now, and he is usually the big meat-eater in the house, we still have lots of sausages, chicken, etc. stacked away. He worked this weekend too, but since I was home, I thought I'd make sausages and roast potatoes.

The sausages are spicy Italian ones, and the potatoes are Nigella's. Apart from being the roast chicken and frozen pea queen, I think Nigella is also known for her roast potatoes. She has many variations, and I decided to do a variation of a recipe she has in her At My Table column -- Italian Roast Potatoes. Basically, it's unpeeled cut up potatoes, tossed in lots of olive oil plus oregano, with the addition of a few garlic cloves. I had rosemary that I needed to use up, so I used that. I roasted the potatoes along with the sausages, and the result, oh yummy!

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Anna's kitchen table said...

I'm so pleased that you've found a lovely new place, it must be so exciting!