Monday, January 22, 2007

I rock!

There are times, though they are rare, when I realize that I'm not too bad at this cooking thing, and then I wonder why I get so stressed out when it's really as simple as my instincts.

I was knackered coming home today. I made a detour at the new place, cleaning the kitchen a bit, and putting some stuff away. I didn't really feel like making dinner, but I was hungry, and I had defrosted chicken in the fridge.

So I came up with the above: Garlic chicken in a white wine reduction over spinach and parmesan risotto.

Sound fancy? Well it sure tasted fancy even though it was so simple to make, and the best part is I used up more of my ingredients.

The garlic chicken was just fried in some olive oil with garlic slivers until golden on both sides. I took out the chicken and put it to the side. I then 'deglazed' the pan with white wine and some butter. It turned into a fabulous sauce, to which I returned the cooked chicken and warmed it through.

The risotto was done in the usual way. I used up the champagne stock I had on hand with some added vegetable stock. The spinach was the frozen kind -- as I needed to get rid of my freezer ingredients too. The parmesan was the last tiny block left. It was all delicious and blended in beautifully.

I really liked the chicken on top too, because since the spinach kind of mellowed out the risotto, the punchy chicken brought it all back. A perfect match! :)

I'll definitely be making this again.


Anna's kitchen table said...

You definitely do rock Ilana! LOL

Your meal looks delicious!!

Kathryn said...

Yes, you rock!
I could just eat that now; it looks lovely.

Hope the move's going well!

Kathryn x