Friday, December 01, 2006


This is an elephant fetus, in the womb. I dare to say I have rarely seen something so beautiful and wonderous as this.

I've been thinking a lot about life... about how I feel like I'm coming-of-age, so to speak. I spend time with my nephew, Liam, and I could imagine what it would be like to have my own children. As happy as I am when I around him, I feel the same degree of sadness when he leaves. Unconditional love. Love you can't quantify because there is no limit to it. Love encompassed in a small body; a growing Einstein, that has discovered hide-and-seek, and is so pleased that he has.

Is there anything more beautiful than giving love to a child, and receiving that love in return?

I look at that picture, of the floating elephant in its warm darkness, and I think how we were all like him or her too... growing, feeding, waiting unknowlingly that one day we will come into this world and receive love unconditionally.

Life and love is awesome, with the emphasis on the A-W-E.


Sarah said...

Hi Ilana,

That is an amazing photograph!!

xox Sarah

Paola Westbeek said...

That was such a beautiful post Ilana and as you probably know by now, I couldn't agree more. Having children is for me, the most wonderful thing in the world. Looking at Kirstie's face and seeing myself in her eyes is so very precious. Sometimes I just see certain things that she does which I know are totally me and that amazes me. Days after she was born, my BIL came here with his wife and I'll never forget what he said: "A little Paola". Indeed she is a piece of me. And yes, giving love and getting love is a beautiful thing.