Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rant-session (The Food Network)

I feel a rant coming on....

Ah, the Food Network. What can I say? Well let me start off on a good note. Nigella Feasts is the best thing on there; The FN execs made a smart decision when they took Nigella on and brought her to the masses. There are many nasty things I could say about the other hosts on the Food Network, but let's leave that to later.

So this rant is about how the Food Network is totally letting down Nigella fans. Those already in love with Nigella and her cooking know that it will take one episode or two to have somebody else hooked! So which brainiac at Food Network decided to only showcase Feasts once a week? I could argue on behalf of the network that they have lots of other programs they need to broadcast, and that showing Nigella more than once a week is some sort of favoritism. Um, ok, Food Network, then why in the week of November 1st are you showing Bigfoot Snotessa 14 TIMES!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's 14 'doesn't that look GOOD??' and 14 'oh, Jeffrey, you're soooo funny' and 14 'how easy is that'! That's not favoritism?? My ass!

Look, we know Miss Ang-Ina and other annoying chefs on the Food Network probably have more visiblilty because they are well known. Well, hello, how will Nigella be more known if you only show her once a week? And on a Sunday? Yes, people have lives on weekends and aren't pathetic scrubs like me that are home most weekends and nights!

I am just so annoyed, but I guess you could figure that out. LOL. I just want Nigella to do really well, so that there is a chance of a second series, more interviews, more of everything. The U.S. and Canada have sorely missed Ms. Lawson's presence, and now that she is here, the network that is carrying her is letting down her fans.

And now I think I am going to move into a controversial area of this rant and say that the Nigella-fever may never fully catch on, not helped by the duds at the Food Network, because she is just too smart for Americans. Now, understand me, not all Americans are stupid. Yes, a lot of us think of Paris as the capital of France, and not as Nicole Ritchie's on-again/off-again BFF. But come on, there is also a large population that hear Nigella say one word, in her glorious British accent, and go 'huh?'. Nigella is on a higher-level; she is an intellect and she is seriously clever. The way she describes food on camera is an echo of the exceptional food writer she is. But people don't appreciate that, and they don't want to see past the accent and the words they don't understand. Hey, I had to look up 'carapace' too. Most of the fodder on Food Network is dumbed down for the average American; it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that when Rachael Ray says she is making a 'stewp', she is really making her idea of a stew/soup; but she still needs to explain that to the viewer, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I think with Rachael Ray's next book (I believe she is at her 97th now) she should include a glossary of her Rachael-isms that have singlehandedly butchered the English language.

Ok, so rant over for now. Stay tuned for my next rant:
'Why is Living Kitchen only available on the Food Network for ridiculous prices?'

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Kathryn said...

I agree - Nigella is brilliantly intelligent as well as beautiful. If she wasn't so lovely, we would have to hate her :). I always find it interesting to see which chefs make it internationally. I guess Gordon Ramsay has (with Hell's Kitchen). But what makes a TV chef internationally well-received while another is ignored? Interesting, really.

Oh and Ilana - do you want me to send you a DVD of Nigella's Christmas Kitchen - the episodes that will be shown in the UK in December? I am happy to.

Kathryn x