Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh, so naughty!

Being a Nigella fan means being a little realistic... Nigella food isn't everyday food, no matter how un-health conscious you are. There are lots of meals that could be great for every other day, for weekends, or for those special times when only pure, unadulterated, sinful eating will do.

Since I am trying to watch what I eat, most of Nigella's food is starting to fall into the weekend and the sinful eating. That's fine. Watching your weight is not about denying yourself things you love. It's about eating enough of what your body needs... and this allows times to give yourself a treat as well.

After seeing my friends make Nigella's Breakfast Bars from her new book, I had to make them too!

First you mix up some dessicated coconut (oh yum!!!), peanuts, rolled oats and dried cranberries. I hate having seeds getting stuck in my teeth, so I left those out.

Looking good so far. To this, you add some warmed condensed milk. Well, not some. Um, a whole can, but moving right along...

You mix it up and then turn it onto a baking pan, and spread down with a spatula.

And then you bake it. That's it! Definitely an express recipe.

The bars were not as hard as I would have liked. I think since I didn't add the seeds, it didn't have as strong a structure as it should have. But I was able to get a good number of bars out of the batch, and the pieces that fell off did not go to waste. These are scrummilicious! Really really yummy!

But, of course they are naughty. How could they not be with peanuts and coconut and condensed milk?! But into every life a little naughtiness must fall. I estimated the batch in its entirety is about 80 WW points! Yowza! So if you got 18 bars out of it, like I tried to get, it's about 4 points each... But I got less bars than that -- so I think each is about 5 to 6 points. Not horrible... If your bar is your meal. :) These have been put in the Naughty Tin.

But I'm sure the tin will be visited many times...


Anna's kitchen table said...

Ha ha, I love the naughty tin!

Ms O said...

You could think of it as getting more fiber in your

Looks amazing!

Georgina Ingham | CulinaryTravels said...

I too love the naughty tin. They look fabulous, even if they are naughty, sometimes calories etc just don't matter.


Kelly-Jane said...

The naughty tin! If it's any consolation they keep you full for ages ;)