Sunday, October 14, 2007

Risotto's not something to mess with...

I love risotto. I love Nigella. It would make sense then that I would be keen as a jelly bean to try out her new risotto recipe in Nigella Express; Cheddar Cheese Risotto. Not being a huge cheese fan and deathly afraid of smelly cheeses, cheddar happens to be one of a small number of cheeses I actually like. I love cheddar on crackers or with green apples. I wasn't sure what it would be like but the pictures in the book really tempted me to give it a go.

It's a basic risotto recipe with baby leeks (or spring onions) as the base. Mustard is added too, which I thought would be a lovely flavor booster. The cheddar cheese (125 grams of it) is added at the end, and it melted into the risotto beautifully. I finally reached that perfect creamy risotto consistency I have always been after. My suspicions were correct - to get that really perfect creamy risotto consistency you need a heck load of cheese.

I want to say I loved this dish... but I didn't. I hated it. Waaaaaaah! The cheese just completely overpowered it for me. I guess I could take cheddar, and I suppose other cheeses, in small amounts, but not this big amount. I even think parmesan at this amount could be overwhelming. I may freeze the leftovers and make arancini out of it at a later time. Sort of party nibbles. Overwhelmingly flavored cheddar risotto, but at least in small amounts, and with a cold drink. Sorry Nigella and fellow Nigella fans. :(


Sarah said...

Hey Ilana!

What a shame you didn't like the risotto. I made it a couple of nights ago. I actually quite liked it - the creamy texture was great - but the cheddar taste was very, very strong! If I were to make it again, I'd use half as much stock and half as much cheddar.

I think it's a great idea to turn the leftovers into arancini. Hope it turns out well!

xox Sarah

Kelly-Jane said...

Well I have this one on my list, so taking into account what you and Sarah think I'll add half the cheese and take it from there!

Will fit in better with the healthy eating regime as well!


Anna's kitchen table said...

I made this too Ilana, and it tasted just like Walkers cheese and onion crisps.
I was a bit disappointed too.