Monday, September 17, 2007

This lasagna is really good!

I've given up. Fall is here. It's not going to be HOT HOT HOT anymore, like it was, and I just have to deal with it!

As soon as I start to feel the chill of Fall breezes, I instantly want to eat anything with butternut squash. It's like Pavlov's dog. Ding - Fall - Salivate - Butternut Squash.

I was pleased to see the cover recipe of Delicious Australia July 2007 -- pumpkin, sage & ricotta lasagna. Mmmmmm. A while ago I went out to dinner with friends and had a butternut squash ravioli dish which was way too sweet! I wanted to see if I could recreate a pasta dish at home that was not sickly sweet, but still had the elements of Fall in it. Butternut squash, sage, nutmeg.

The lasagna is a bit finicky to make -- but I guess it's good to do on a cool Fall day when it's just you and your kitchen. The butternut squashes around here are massive. So, it takes a long time to peel and chop them. Get out your best chopping knife!

The recipe also calls for fresh lasagna sheets, which I didn't have, so I had to boil up some dry lasagna sheets. And since I don't have a big food processor, I had to puree the fantastic roasted butternut squash a small batch at a time.

I made this for myself and my sister for Red Carpet watching during the Emmys. We both loved it! This is definitely one of the best lasagnas I have ever had - vegetarian or not. The best part is that I have leftovers that I have frozen for more cool Fall days. Mmmmmm.


Sarah Nicole said...

Ilana I am so happy that you reviewed this. I happened to find that issue of Delicious at a Barnes and Nobles I stopped at right before heading to the airport to leave California:(.
Anyway, so I had that issue to salivate over while waiting for my flight that had been delayed. If there was one recipe that caught my eye it was that one. I def. want to make it, but want to loose a little more weight in order to justify a little cheating escapade.

By the way, check the Rachael Ray Show website and check out her version of Chicken Shwarma. Ok ok so it's Rachael Ray and yes I have never been to Israel so I have no clue how the real stuff taste like. All I know is that I tried her recipe and it got me hooked! Yours sounds good as well I must say. I will def. try it.

Lady M said...

Sarah, I made this in a 8" square tin. Anyway, that made nine square slices. Each is 6 WW points, so definitely doable. The picture of the slice I have on the blog is 6 points! :)

I will check out RaRay's recipe. :)


vonsachsen said...

See, I´m not stupid:) Last autumn I got a fixa idea to make pumpkin lasagna but I couldn´t find any recipe! Your lasagna looks soooo good, I´m drooling! I might change my mind and start taking enzymes and start eating as a normal human being again. Ummm, in that case, I´l come back and beg you for the recipe :D


Sarah Nicole said...

Ilana how do you know it's six points??? I am liking this even more now. Oh yeah now I can't wait till my next grocery shopping day to go get everything (dancing around very excitedly)!!


Anna's kitchen table said...

6 points?! That's fantastic!
It looks so delicious.

Lady M said...

Sarah, I used my sister's online Weight Watchers tool and if you cut this into 9 servings, you will indeed have 6 points per portion. Cool!

It is filling but I recommend a salad with it as a portion is not exactly restaurant size at all! Weight Watchers IS doable, but not a miracle! I have learned to see it realistically.