Thursday, September 13, 2007

Only two slices left.

I love working at my new (temp) job! I brought in leftover cake to work and by lunchtime, there were only two slices left!

I was so chuffed I even took a pic with my camera phone, haha!

At Crapco, people were funny when I would bring in food, which is why I didn't do it that often...

I rarely got a Thank You.

Here I'm more anonymous so I don't mind putting food out and letting the vultures at it. When I put it out, there must have been 15 small slices. So, I guess some people went for seconds. Which means they liked it. Which means I'm happy. :)

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Sarah said...

Hey Ilana!

Mm... well done! I thought it was so cool when I read your post; I always give the leftovers of any cake I bake to the people at work, hehe. I knew I couldn't be the only one!

My Nigella Express arrived today. My friend had it shipped (surprise!) to her house as a gift, so I'm going to pick it up tonight! It doesn't come out til the end of October in Australia. I'm so excited!

xox Sarah