Thursday, August 09, 2007

Short Order Cook

I've been feeling guilty that I have been kvetching rather than posting about the wonderful meals I have been making since I have been back from Israel. Trouble is, I haven't been cooking much. It didn't seem worth it to buy ingredients when we are in the process of clearing out.

And I haven't been inspired by my pantry at all. All I see are just cans. No possibilities. I did make lunch for Rafa today before his shift. Well I use the term 'make lunch' quite loosely as it literally took me 7 minutes and I didn't have to actually cook anything. So I made him burgers, from the box.

Ilana's burger deluxe -- patty with raw onion, tomato, ketchup and yellow mustard.

At the risk of being excommunicated from foodie society, I actually like being a short order cook for things I didn't actually cook. Hey if this unemployment thing continues, I could be looking at a career at McD's. Ok ok, things are not that dire. But check back with me in a month.


Anonymous said...

LOL Ilana!!! You're so funny! Always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks a lot and tell me which MacD hires you so i'll stop by ; )


kate said...

This looks good to me! Tis the time of year, too, when cooking takes a back seat ... cooks need time off too!

Good luck with the job search.