Sunday, July 15, 2007

The White City

After leaving Francesca's, I escaped to Israel's metropolis, Tel Aviv. Literally escaped as my family was driving me bonkers and I needed time with ME.

I lived in Tel Aviv in my 'early' twenties. I loved living there. I had my bike, named Henri, and would cycle to the shore every evening. I would go out to cafes with my friends. Catch an occasional movie. My roommate and I had our monthly visit to Burger King, because fast food was, and is, so expensive in Israel, it was all we could afford on our teaching stipend.

This time, though, I experienced a different side of Tel Aviv. As a tourist. I stayed in a hotel, and not too shabby it was too! {For those visiting Tel Aviv, I recommend the Metropolitan. Room and breakfast a lot cheaper than most hotels in Europe, even the low star ones.} I had the top view overlooking the Mediterranean. I felt so grown up!

I had a couple of days in Tel Aviv. I'm not much a museum person so I really had a lot of time on my hands. The first evening I walked around a major thoroughfare, called Dizengoff Street. I got a cool ring made out of coconut, I believe, for 5 NIS, which is just over $1. Yeeha!
The next day I walked around the main outdoor marketplace, Shuk Ha Carmel. Since I wasn't going home that day, I didn't pick up any of the fab produce, but did help myself to a mini pizza in one of the bakery stalls. Mmmm, check out that olive sticking out!

Then I walked along Tel Aviv's trendy Shenkin Street, and had lunch with moi at a cafe. I felt really cosmopolitan sitting amongst the hipsters. Taking my time. That is what I love about Israel. Lunchtime is not rushed; I could have sat there for hours if I wanted to.
Then I checked out Tel Aviv's Azrieli Center. The city's version of the now fallen Twin Towers, although these are three tall towers; one square, one circular, one triangular. Inside, the center is basically a mall.

I was tired at this point so headed back to the hotel to relax and then went out to a movie; Fracture, highly recommended as well!
And that was it. There is a lot more to see of Tel Aviv, of course, but I was only there for a short while. I wanted to take it easy. Really take in the city.
I'll probably visit Tel Aviv once again before I leave. There's a really cool HaPoel Tel Aviv sweatshirt I want to buy at the Shuk. :)


Gemma said...

I'm so glad that you're having an amazing time in Israel Ilana but I am so jealous of you seeing the sun and sea. I haven't been checking in much lately due to a crazily stressful time at home but normal service is resuming now!

kate said...

It sounds as if you are having a good trip. Travelling solo is great - especially if you aren't touring the entire time. The photographs are great. I think I want to go on a trip.

Anonymous said...

I just love those buildings, they're like three huge childrens' wooden building blocks, three shapes reaching for the sky. I am in awe every time I drive past them on the Ayalon road.

Francesca x (neshikot)